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2011.09.27, 05:26 PM
ive been looking at motors. what does it mean by a 35 turn motor? what is the range 35 to ? ? Normally i would think that a motor with a high rpm spins faster than a low rpm and thus turn the diff/wheels faster? (by the way how do you know when the diff is tight enough for best performance?) . any suggestions for a really quick motor?

rock hard
2011.09.28, 03:00 AM
The turn refers to the number of times a strand of wires is wrapped around each segment of the armature.

so a 10 turn motor on a typical 3 seg arm has 30 tottal winds around the arm
a 10 turn on a 5 seg arm has 50

but the number of times around a single segment is what the # refers to.

If all other things are equal,arm diam,length,magnets,batteries and gearing

lets compare a 70 turn to a 35 turn

70 turn will have more torque,produce less speed,have longer run times.
though it may have less speed,the higher torque results in more punch off theline,oor out of a corner.

35 turn will have more speed,less torque and shorter run times
the slower torque may mean is not so fast out of the gate,but will spool up to a higher rpm.