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2011.09.27, 11:43 PM
Hey Guys.
Just wondering what anyone knows about Lith-Ion Modifying? Im running two #10440 (crappy from Ebay) 3.7 volt 600mah AAA's in my MR0-2. I soldered two wires into the inside batt compartments to close the circut. I also needed to cut away the plastic where the pos side of the battery touches the pos contacts.
Its way lighter and has about 30% more juice....
Very fun to drive...
Have people done this before? Does anyone know of complications that may arrise? The car sounds a little noisy (maybe over loaded slipper? havent looked yet) but thats all. Ive only put about 20 mins on it...
Ill post pics if youre curious but I feel like people must have done this before....

unearthed name
2011.09.28, 12:22 AM
it's a common mod. r246 has a li-fe battery set for mr-03.


this site http://www.atomicmods.com/Categories/Tutorial-1-28-Mini-Z-AWD-AAA-Lithium-Mod.aspx (here) has a tutorial to do it in ma-010.

my friend has make an mr-02 running on brushless motor and lipo battery.

they're fun to ride. although car endurance might be low because of added rpm and stuff. you say you put 2 3.3 volt? careful that the board might be fried because of overvoltage

2011.09.28, 03:19 PM
just be carefull , li-po and li-ion both run at 7.4v avrg this is not recomended on mini-z boards
the li-fe run at 6.6v avrg that is why these are recomemned :)

2011.09.28, 10:03 PM
Thanks Dudes! Glad I asked! I woulda been sad if I killed my car. Likely just put it back to stock... and take it easy on the old girl.....


2012.04.05, 07:38 PM
So I'm confused on what the ASF board can use for voltage. I don't see any mention above about these.

Can these newer boards take full on 8.4 (peak) voltage. But does the board even have a voltage regulator for the servo? I mean since it wasn't designed with higher voltage in mind and most servos running at 4.8 volts. They never bother putting a regulator in to keep from burning up the servo. The above awd article would show differently, but that's not using one of the newer asf boards nor digital servos.

Because if it could and I can either find a AAA LiIon with a better prong or make an extension. With 2 dummy cells. I could have a higher voltage when I wanted it and drop back down to nimh for organized racing.

Or would I simply be better off for motor life and fet heat just to upgrade the fets? (MB-010) Not that their are any rules posted for the buggy yet, but I assume fet upgrades will only be allowed in open, so not that willing to do.

Also just upgrading motor to mod alone will cause more heat, wont have as much life as a lion, more expensive (depending) than a lion, be harder to configure back to stock quickly, and probably needs a fet upgrade anyways.

Even with the Z motor, I cant make a 1 tile distance jump with the RCP/Losi track. (Like two of the large jumps |one going up - tile - one going down|. Its embarrassing watching the Losi SCT brushless take it with ease.

2012.04.06, 05:38 AM
Having a fet upgrade has nothing to do with stock/open class :)
As long as you run a stock(70t limit) motor,you can have fets or other upgrades in stock class.

2012.04.06, 05:14 PM
Sorry, new to the scene so unsure what isn't allowed or what is standard especially since I can't find any particulars for the Buggy. It's been 6 months.

Anyhow I was told the digital servos in the asf board don't last long on 7.4, so I'm assuming there is no regulator.