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2011.09.28, 12:42 PM
The F1 ASF version.

1) How much voltage can it handle for a short burst?
Like 5 sec interval with a "long" pause in between.
This will happen many times, but only for short bursts and always with a pause between each run.

What is the max voltage it can handle without breaking?

2) How can I limit the steering to, lets say 10% on the servo.
So that I use the hole steering wheel to just adjust those 10%

3) Can it be set to brake 50% when you release the throttle?

I know it's kind of unusual, but it's a little project I got, after watching some photo's from my childhood.
Just got to figure out if it's possible and for that I need you're help!

unearthed name
2011.09.28, 12:49 PM
1. if ihave to guess 6.6 volt. the f1 asf board is the same as the mr-02. and i'm pretty sure r246 has a li-fe battery pack containing 2 pack of li-fe with 3.3 volts each.

2. what remote do you use? you can set your steering travel from there.

3. yes, set it from your remote. i set my mr-03 to 35% brake

2011.09.28, 01:16 PM
Perfex KT-18 is the one I'm going to use if it's possible.

This looks like it could be fun if I manage to get everything together.
Thanks for reply!!

unearthed name
2011.09.28, 01:53 PM
I think you can set your steering end point by turning the wheel and push the buttons on top of the wheel.

I don't know about the brake though. I use ex-10 eurus, and i can set them all from my remote.

2011.09.28, 03:18 PM
You cannot set the brake to engage 50% when throttle is released, without losing the reverse function. If you dont need reverse, then you can theoretically dial back the throttle trim so reverse throttle is 50%, and it will brake when you release the throttle. Again, you will not be able to engage reverse due to the need to double tap reverse throttle to engage the reverse function.

2011.09.28, 03:51 PM

Great news.
I don't need reverse so thats no problem.
Now I just need some parts for my build.

Thanks for helping me guys!