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rock hard
2011.09.28, 08:21 PM
I'm just gonna put some thread links here to very informative tech threads I have found.
If you know of some good tech threads,please add a link.

also if you have knowledge of something to do with motor anatomy you think may be usefull that may not be commonly known,chim in and share.

q and a with the Master Motor Builder Big Jim
Look,if you want to learn everything you can about brushed motors,this is likely THE most imortant thread you will ever read

winding a motor by electronic guru John Holmes

Motor Contruction (anatomy of a brushed motor) by electronic guru John Holmes

The importance of maintaining your brushed Motor

Brushed Motor Care By electronic guru John Holmes

How to cut a comm and motor tweaks

slot car motor,remag with cobalts

rock hard
2011.09.29, 08:14 PM
I hope the info above help guys get better aquainted with thier motor.
There is aloot of reading t take in,but if your into motors as much as the rc's then you'll enjoy these reads.