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2011.09.29, 02:47 AM

I bought a kyosho diff Model: MZW206 and I wanted to change the spur gear with 64 P. For that case I bought also MR-02/03 64P Spur w/ Pinion Set manufactured by atomic. I was very surprised that they are not compatible because one of the pressure plates hub of the diff was too thick. So please can you tell me which 64P spur gears are comptabile with kyosho ball differentials.

Thank you


2011.09.29, 11:30 AM
You must modify the Kyosho pressure plates so they are flat/in line with the diff rings...

Please view this thread, it has all of the pictures needed to understand the work required to clearance the differential for the 64p spurs.

The Reflex Racing spurs are a little narrower, but you will still have to modify the kyosho differential pressure plates, and possibly space it out with shims for it to work correctly with the Kyosho pressure plates. One alternative, would be to rebuild the differential with the new Reflex Racing diff parts set, which will considerably shave weight off the differential, and you will not need to sand the pressure plates down. http://www.reflexracing.net/Reflex-Racing-Ultra-Light-Weight-Mini-Z-2WD-Diff-Kit-_p_20.html

2011.09.30, 12:42 AM
Thank you, EMU

I still don't want to sand my pressure plate and will try to find some other ways to put 64P spur to my kyosho diff.
I will try to find somewhere this reflex racing diff parts sets in Europe.

Thank you a lot and I will keep you in touch.

2011.09.30, 10:01 AM
Have no fear, visit http://www.reflexracing.eu/shop/ they have a european shop ;)

Here is a link to the diff parts http://www.reflexracing.eu/shop/search.php?orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=rx1180