View Full Version : Need more exit steering

2011.09.30, 01:58 PM
I finally got my cars, nice and stable. Great stability and steering on the straight aways and turns. But now accelerating after the apex of a turn makes the cars push really wide even with the wheels turned all the way.. Should I loosen the diff. Right now I have to coast into the turn and wait for the car to get straight before mashing the pedal. I get good lap times but I think I can get better times if I can get up to speed faster coming off a turn..What should I do?

2011.09.30, 04:27 PM
You can try a little more caster, or camber. However that will reduce entrance steering.

Perhaps a stiffer top shock spring may help as well...

2011.10.02, 06:43 PM
Depends how you drive -- if you are a smooth driver with the throttle, you can use a stiffer top spring on the rear suspension to gain more steering, since more of the car's load and weight gets placed on the front tires. You will get more steering at both entrance and exit this way.

If you are NOT smooth, however -- like me! -- then using a softer top spring will allow the rear end to slip out more when you yank the trigger, which creates more exit steering (essentially, and four-wheel drift since you are both understeering a little bit and oversteering a little bit).