View Full Version : Air Hogs Hyperactives Buggy

Davey G
2011.10.01, 03:52 PM
Airhogs brand has really come a long way. HAve you guys seen this buggy? Looks pretty promising. 2.4ghz, looks great, lipo, foam and rubber tires included and seems to run pretty well.


2011.10.01, 06:57 PM
I'm pretty sure that is the Takara Tomy gx buggy.


Looks like a good deal for $50. Throttle is proportional but the steering isn't.

2011.10.01, 11:21 PM
They look pretty fun to tool around the back yard! Watching that video make me want Novembet 1st (mini z buggy) to get here a lil sooner. I'd buy one for my lil guy.

2011.10.02, 06:48 AM
If only they were to market replacement parts for it...had my GX buggy for a month bashing with it and ended up breaking the left knuckle...:(It cant be repaired...