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2011.10.02, 06:44 PM
i have a situation in which i'm not happy with what i have and looking for suggestions as to options or tweaks.

i had the reflex long king pin, spring over setup that i know and love. it doesn't fit under the HSV without cutting the body which i'm not interested in doing.

i currently have the reflex low profile suspension with the optional new soft springs. also running the pn low down knuckles and reflex adjustable front end.

our track is very bumpy so i need something that will soak up the bumps like the spring over setup with white springs. right now the low profile set just isn't as good. i've gone through the spring over with all the springs and i love the setup with white springs. what can i do to get the same feeling/performance?

2011.10.02, 07:30 PM
I'd honestly give the inboard-spring configuration a try. The "normal" (non-Reflex) reverse kingpin setup is progressive, so using soft springs inboard you can get a nice bump softness like your original setup.

Alternatively, get some PN long kingpins, which are only a little bit longer than the stock ones, and use short MA010 springs to fit in there. It's a very compact spring-over setup and the spring rates are similar between MR02 and MA010 spring sets (at least the PN sets that I'm familiar with).

2011.10.02, 07:44 PM
with an inboard spring setup using the reflex adjustable front end and pn low knuckles, i've found springs do not fit correctly.

what ma-010 spring(s) pairs are similar to white springs?

i'm willing to try just about anything that is reasonably priced and these are affordable.

2011.10.02, 08:22 PM
The last time I tried that MA010 spring-over setup I settled on PN Whites from the MA010 Pro 2 spring set, if I remember correctly. They have about the same feel as the MR02 PN Whites but are shorter and fatter. Of course the preload and ride height adjustment range is reduced due to the shorter kingpin, but you can get the car to feel pretty much the same with a significantly shorter "stack height" to the suspension. :)

2011.10.02, 08:43 PM
all i run on all my cars is the rr spring under. and there no track works the suspension like the one we race on. i have only use the original silver springs, but i always use kyosho yellow lube, i think its 15,000. i find this setup to work better for me on bumpy tracks and the spring over works better for me on smoother tracks. not sure if your using anything to damping the front if not try some grease.

2011.10.02, 11:53 PM
I use the PN reverse kingpin set ($10), kyosho plastic upper and lower arms, PN upper arm mount, PN knuckles and PN softest spring kit. This is my version of the reverse kingpin setup. It is very smooth and unlike aluminum arms, these plastic ones from kyosho do not get sloppy. They do have to be cut in order to clear the PN upper arm, but after that they work great (not sure if cutting is required for atomic upper arm)