View Full Version : Iwaver 02m questions!

2011.10.07, 07:40 PM
So I want to get my bro something a little better than my old xmods so he can drive around with me and my mini z...Id get a mini z but its a bit expensive for him and stuff...I heard that the Iwaver's got pretty good control and its better than an xmod evo. So for anyone who has one, please tell me your experience with it.

Thanks guys!

2011.10.11, 04:44 PM
I use it for my rc rental. If properly prep, this can is competitive to mini-z considering it is budget rc.

Things that needs upgrade -
1) ball bearings (but you will need to scrape off some plastic on the rear pod to make the bearings fit properly).
2) FET stack if you plan to use faster motor.
3) Spring suspension if you need to tune it. But the stock is more than enough because the stock tires are soft.

You might need to trim off some excess plastic (because they did not "clean" it well) on the steering arm and motor mount.

2011.10.13, 09:48 AM
Would you agree that it's better than an xmod evo or the same? durability and especially electronics wise

2011.10.13, 03:03 PM
as i said over on xmf ....go with an 02 not an 02m

all mini-z mr02 parts will fit then :)

2011.10.13, 06:02 PM
thanks :) thts what I am leaning on