View Full Version : So what aaa nimh batteries are considered the best out there?

2011.10.08, 09:51 PM
I was just wondering what are the best batteries out there nimh.

right now I'm using rayovac AAA nimh (normal not platinum) and duracell 1000mah nimh, are these batts considered good?

thanks! new to the mini z world lol..

2011.10.08, 10:10 PM
There are many good punchy cells out there but I guess you'd better decide if it they are necessary for just pootling around (in other words not racing).

For punchy cells I've liked a lot of them but have had the best success with Orion 900hv. Good value, good runtime and punchy for a good length of the cell discharge cycle.

Opinions vary though. Keep the suggestions coming....

2011.10.08, 10:12 PM
If you are competitive racing then no those batteries are not great. You will her alot of different answers to this question but I have been liking the attomic batteries. I have used most all batteries and find most high quality batteries to be good. Some are better for stock racing others for mod. I charge some batteries different depending on class and run time. Trp 900, atomic, Orion, team scream, anything you can get from any of the online venders will do you just fine

2011.10.09, 09:05 AM
your not going to get a simple answer on this one for many reasons. many batteries are the same in different wrappers, how they are cared for will greatly affect their performance, specific use will also play into what cell is most suited for that use. search around in here and read a bunch of the existing threads and i think you'll learn more than an open ended question with no clear answer to be had.:cool: batteries are like ice cream, everyone has a favorite flavor.

2011.10.11, 03:25 PM
A) do you race in a club?
get good batteries from race suppliers such as orion or atomic to keep up with the rest.

B) do you race for fun/at home?
get some duracels or comparable mid priced cells.

just my 0.02

2011.10.11, 04:42 PM
For me... Peak 900 all the way... At first I was using the Peaks and the R1... but now I just run the Peak 900.

But like other people said, everyone has there own taste.

2011.10.12, 11:50 PM
Depends on what kind of motor I'm running in my car...

For PN 70T, I will use the Orion 900HVs with max throttle end point,I Also run the atomic batteries,but there are so punchy that it can overwhelm my cars rear tire grip and spin out, so whenever I use atomics I will have to tone down the throttle end point.

If I would get myself an 80T motor to race with the rest of the drivers, I will go with the atomics Batteries all the way... The competitive drivers at atomic collectives all use 80T motors, but they either FET stack/silver brush their motors and chassis along with TRP 750/atomic 800s to really push their 80Ts to run as fast as a 70T...