View Full Version : MR-03 or MA-010 AWD on RCP mini-96 track

2011.10.10, 02:53 AM
Hi, am new to minis, usually bash offroad these days but was driving xrays on carpet a few years back. I want to get one of those mini-96 tracks and (start with) 2 mini-z cars so that I and the missus/mates can have some races going during the dark and cold season.

I was wondering which chassis to get, the MR-03 2WD or the MA-010 AWD. Which one is better for the RCP mini-96 tracks. Do they have enough traction for 2WD or should i get a AWD? Are there other tracks out there?

Thanks for the help guys!

2011.10.10, 07:25 AM
I personally prefer dnano for the Mini96. And: In Europe the racing sets are currently on sale for 70-80 , maybe in the US, too? So dnano would be a cheaper investment compared to MR-03 or AWD.

2011.10.10, 08:44 AM
the 50cm track is either too big or (for my taste) too simple for the space I can spare.

is the mini-96/30cm too narrow for a mini-z? mhh, i'd prefer a mini-z, should i reconsider gettinh the 50cm track instead?

2011.10.10, 09:37 AM
No, you'll be fine with the MiniZ on a 96... and they do sell expansion tiles for it as well. One of the coolest tracks I ever raced on was an expanded Mini96 in my friends basement. It just gives you more options in tight spaces. If I was strictly running at home and not attending events (or having them sometimes), I would prolly have a 96 in my basement, but I've got the room to do a half decent large tile track... I can't get as intricate with the layout, but it works.

If your car handles well and you've got the skills, an un-expanded 96 is no problem to drive.