View Full Version : 30cm or 50cm track for mini-z?

2011.10.10, 09:37 AM
As in title.

I want to get a mini-z and a (RCP) track to have some fun and races at home with friends.

I'd prefer a mini-96 (30cm) track kit because it can be more complex, but is it wide enough for the mini-z's? Will it work just fine or will it work but is much more challenging for drivers?

use the poll to vote your preference, though, i'd apreciate some comments.

2011.10.10, 10:51 AM
if it were me i would by the 50cm blank tiles only. make your own walls and be able to create any layout you want.

2011.10.10, 01:18 PM
I'm interested in this question as well. The 30cm track would fit much better in my basement.

2011.10.10, 01:46 PM
i'd love to have the wider track, but i guess my decision will be to get the 96 kit+expansion and widen the track where drivers get stuck most.

if thats not good either, i'd rather get the dNaNo, otherwise i could only have a wide track which is a simple oval and that might be a bit dull.

edit: that's probably a missing option in the poll

2011.10.10, 01:57 PM
the Dnano on a 30cm track is about the equivalent of a mini-z on a 50cm track.

I personally would go with the 50cm tracks, if you have seen the mini-96 track in person you'd really realize how narrow the lanes are. you would typically be running slower in order to make the corners. and the driving line is completely different than the 50cm tracks.

if you're limited by space than you really don't have a choice. We run in my basement and can fit 2 wide L tracks in there so it's doable.

what kind of space do you have available?

2011.10.10, 02:51 PM
In a house, the mini-96 with expansion pack is lots of fun. It's going to mean more control and maybe less speed but just as fun. It's much more of a challenge for sure and 50cm will feel huge afterward. If you have the room though, 2wide l's is going to put you on par with clubs and give you all you need for hfay;)

2011.10.10, 02:54 PM
I think you need to ask yourself the question how fast you want to go. In other words what morot you want to use. If you stay with the kyosho stock 30 cm is doable, if the track isnt to crouded. As far as thinking that the dnano is better suited for the 30 cm track, forget it. I heard more people complain about driving the dnano on the 30 cm track then the mini-z.

2011.10.10, 04:56 PM
i live in the UK, they don't do basements here :(
i have maybe 3m by 4m space to do something.

I guess i could always increase track width of the mini-96 by reducing complexity and see where that takes me. If there is space left i can get the expansion kits. as along as its more than going in a plain circle i am have to be satisfied for now.