View Full Version : Wich fet is closest to stock 3010?

2011.10.11, 01:32 AM
Hey Guys

We are trying to decide for our rules for next years competition.
Up to now we never allowed changing the FETS. Because we only run stock motor, x-speed or PN80T motors.
Now the argument has arised that if they standard fets go up in smoke, it is impossible to find replacements. Taking about the 3010 FETS.
So my question is, wich commonly used fets are the closest to the stock fets?

Thank you.

2011.11.02, 10:33 PM
I know this thread is 1mo. old, but I saw that it still has no replies so I thought I would give you at least one option to think about LED. :)
I use Mouser(dot)com :

8958A; (Fairchild);
Mouser Part #: 512-FDS8958A_F085
Manufacturer Part #: FDS8958A_F085
Configuration: Dual Dual Drain
Transistor Polarity: N and P-Channel
Resistance Drain-Source RDS (on): 0.028 Ohms / 0.052 Ohms
Forward Transconductance gFS (Max / Min): 25 S, 10 S
Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage: +/- 30 V
Gate-Source Breakdown Voltage: +/- 20 V
Continuous Drain Current: 7 A, - 5 A
Power Dissipation: 2 W
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 150 C
Mounting Style: SMD/SMT
Package / Case: SOIC-8 Narrow
Packaging: Reel
Fall Time: 3 ns, 9 ns
Starting Price: $1.29 EACH (Quantity Discounts Avail.)

Thatís one definite I know of; It has 5A Max-Continuous Amps like the 3010 stock-FETís (Cannot count the 7A N-channel because the weaker P-channel will fail first).

I will try to do a little more digging to see if there are any others I used to know about :)
Hope this helps!