View Full Version : Mosfet prong soldering?

2011.10.11, 10:38 AM
Can anyone explain why some fets have all of their output side prongs soldered together? More specifically the 4562s, and are these the only fets like this?

2011.10.11, 10:49 AM
Output side of the fet is just that, output... so it doesn't really matter if they are all soldered up. However... it is much cleaner to run 4 single solder lines because if you ever have to remove them again, it takes more heat applied to get them of with a big wad of solder on there. It looks better/cleaner/ more professional with single runs too.

The new 2.4 boards are very sensitive to heat and it's real easy to pull up a pad... I could do the old boards all day long, but I've ruined a few 2.4s. But then again, I was still trying to use my old Radio Shack iron with a gnarly tip on it. I would recommend using at least a good mid-grade iron to do the 2.4 boards.

2011.10.11, 12:31 PM
I do enjoy the clean professional look myself, and that is a good point about if you have to remove them. I just soldered mine and the car works fine. It was a little difficult to maneuver around the black box though. Thank you for the fast reply and information! :)

2011.10.11, 01:05 PM
The dreaded black box... yeah, my iron has a grinded tip and the end is bent over a bit so I can get down in there a bit easier.

Almost all of my AM boards have the wad at the back of the fets... they've all worked just fine.