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2011.10.11, 01:04 PM
Hi guys..is there a list of race classes somewhere along with what is and isn't allowed regarding motors hop-ups etc for each class..I ask as I'm president of our 1/8 scale club and this winter I'm intending getting our mini-z track set up properly and permanently.. If we are going to race as a club it seems useful to me to run recognized classes so we can race elsewhere too..I've seen stock,mod and pan car mentioned here..is that it.. someone have details or links please?

2011.10.11, 01:13 PM
Usually classes have more to do with what motor you use.

Stock: factory fitted motor or a 70turn replacement,any other hop up allowed.
Open: any motor,also any hop ups
Pan car: is the body type used,and usually is an open class.

2011.10.11, 01:19 PM
Is open and mod the same thing then?

and what about batteries..so long as you stick with AAA are there any other restrictions on Mah?... and where are li-fe or li-ion allowed ..

2011.10.11, 01:44 PM
yup open and mod are the same thing. As long as you use AAA nimh's the mah doesnt matter. I've found Team Orion 750 sho the best.

I'm not sure if li-fe or li-ion are allowed in open class,as far as i know they are not.