View Full Version : MR-02 AM Board modification

2011.10.13, 06:28 AM
Does anybody know a way to make the steering servo move faster by modifying the board (adding/changing elements)?

2011.10.14, 03:14 AM
wish i could help... dunno if swapping out steering fets would do it...
anybody else know?

2011.10.14, 12:26 PM
i would imagine there are some resistors on the board to control
the voltage , removing these and replacing with a lower value should work (more voltage to the motor )
i say this as when using li-fe batterys the steering works faster due to the higher voltage

you want to trace the ones to the servo motor NOT the pot as changing those will alter the AMOUNT of sterring not the speed

or depending on your TX there may be a setting for steering speed
this would be a simpler option :)