View Full Version : Why doesn't front oneway work in AWD?

2011.10.13, 03:54 PM
Before anyone pounces, I've searched/read up and it seems the general consensus is that running a front oneway doesn't work (for most people) in the AWD due to tracking issues under throttle and oversteer on power.

Instead of ressurecting an old thread from 2008, I thought I'd ask the specific question that doesn't seem to have been answered. A front oneway *should* be good to increase cornering speed on technical tracks, but why not for the AWD?

It seems that the AWD or the diffs made for the AWD are lacking in that they make the car so unstable? Is the effect too exaggerated in this scale?

The tracking straight issue confuses me too, it seems that's more a function of the rear diff in use and the oneway exacerbates an existing imbalance there?

Anyway, I've got an AWD I'm about to start racing, it's an old stock AM chassis kit that I've added an ASF board and 3R swing shafts to. I have the atomic front oneway driveshaft (so not exactly a front oneway diff) in my XRay M18 and I love how that drove, so I was hoping to gain similar benefits in my mini-z.


2011.10.13, 09:51 PM
I think we simply haven't figured out a good setup to go with the drastic change a one-way brings. It simply creates too much steering on corner exit with a "standard" setup, so I figure that it should work with an upgraded rear end (DWS, SAS, etc.) and a front one-way. I certainly enjoyed the Atomic one-way for drifting purposes, entering and exiting turns gets smoother.

I'll play if someone wants to lend me an AWD, but otherwise I've been out of that game for a while. Heck, even my MR03 is close to drifting well now, that would spell the end to any use I have for AWD. :p

2011.10.13, 11:48 PM
Could be, most of the posts were quite old... probably around the time of the kyosho oneway release? Anyway, I saw some posts about using a oneway in the REAR for drifting? Where did you use it color?

Either way, after having a, well, not quite race night tonight: I was losing out in the corners to the mr03s, no doubt. I would hope a front one way would help me turn that corner faster. I might just try it out, I can get a deal on the kyosho for cheap.

I did find I have the atomic (probably gen1) universals. Does anyone know if those are durable enough to stand up to a front oneway?

2011.10.14, 12:11 AM
With a front one-way you want steel or titanium axles. I'm a big fan of the 3racing ones, cheap, true and very tough.

DWS + SAS shocks is my educated guess for a rear end setup. Soft springs and stiff damping to keep the on-power traction up and chattering down.