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2011.10.15, 07:17 PM

I currently have a mini96 kit with extension. The kit is laid upside of a friends garage at this time and unfortunately, his cat has come in the room and has used his claws on some tile of my track... :mad:

Other than killing his cat, what would be possible for me to get some tiles to replace the damaged? He has really degraded two inside corner tiles and one rail on another tile.

I've search the web but can only find complete set or blank tiles. Is it possible to buy only those inside corner tiles separately?

Also important detail, I'm from Belgium, so in Europe.

Thanks for your help.

2011.10.16, 02:19 AM
Kittrich has a new container on the water right now. It is set to arrive in the next two weeks. On this container is spare parts kits. You will be able to purchase just the inside turn tiles or rails for the mini-96.

Did you purchase your original kits from the US or from Kyosho Japan? If you purchased from Kyosho Japan, than you will have rails that are shorter than the ones sold in the US. They will still line up, but will be different heights.

You can contact the shop here, once the spare parts kits arrive and inquire about cost to ship the spare parts kits to you in your country.

2011.10.16, 03:33 AM

Thanks for the fast answer. I bought my kit used, so I don't know where it came from. I do believe it comes from kyosho japan as the borders are indeed much lower than those on our 50 track at the club. About the same height as a tile.

The border is not so much a problem, but as I race with Dnanos on this track, the tiles needs to be flat. I'll enquire the shop for two inside turn tiles so.

Thank you for your help!

2011.10.29, 10:26 AM

Just a question, I've sent a mail to the RCP website mail but didn't receive an aswer yet. But I realised you would perhaps mean tiny rc by contact the shop here?