View Full Version : RIP Dan Wheldon

2011.10.16, 09:11 PM
Not much else to say....the motorsport world has lost one of its most loved and respected drivers. A true talent who had the ability to cross leagues and be competive died today in an IRL race in Las Vegas.


2011.10.16, 10:08 PM
I saw the video of the crash on youtube. Very sad. That was one of the worst crashes Ive seen. Seeing all the wreckage on the track made it look not real. Like from a movie or something. Those cars dont have any protection. Probably why Dannica is moving to Nascar.

2011.10.16, 10:42 PM
RIP :( I was so glad when he won the Indy 500, he truly deserved the win. He will definitely be missed by many.

2011.10.16, 10:42 PM
It is very sad for one who could have a bright future to get out of this almost Spec series into the limelight of F1 glory. RIP.