View Full Version : Eliminate Reverse Delay

2011.10.18, 07:28 AM
I heard by adjusting the curve, speed and high point on your radio, one could eliminate or seriously diminish the reverse delay. I have a Kyosho EX5, and I cant remember where I read it. I like the way my 02 drive better than my other 03s except for the reverse issue.

2011.10.18, 09:19 AM
What I found is that if you use the ICS settings and put your throttle dead band to the widest setting it gives you the feeling that it goes in reverse faster. Because when you let go of the trigger it hits the dead zone faster thinking it is in neutral. You also have to tune your midpoint just good enough. Try it with putting it to the max before it starts to run forward, and try it with backwards. You will notice the difference in timing. I could make my car go in reverse almost instantly, wich for me wasnt a good thing because I brake alot playing with the trigger. The car often went in teverse when I hit the brakes 2 times rapidly.


Mike Keely
2011.10.19, 06:39 PM
I think that most of the pro's are putting MR03 boards in their MR02's just because of that same reason. The 03's don't have that long of a delay.