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2011.10.18, 05:20 PM
We are going to stock up on tires, but need to do some checking first.
How do the different front compounds compare? Are they much different, or only slightly?


What do you recommend on high grip RCP vs Medium grip?

What are the pro's using?

Mike Keely
2011.10.18, 05:53 PM
I have not ran two of them but like the 15X's on high traction tracks. A month ago at Maj's Hobby shops race he had 100 sets on Friday night and all of them where gone by Sat. night. The bad thing about them is you have to cut them down so small for them to be the perfect size so you will not traction role and then you only get three good runs out of them. After that I feel they are to small and and you do not get enough steering out of them.

I want to try some other tires on the front. I want to find a tire that had enough steering and will make it through the whole race day.

When it comes to the big races I really feel that the 15X is the ticket for now. I just need to figure on needing 5 sets to get me through all the practice day and Qualifiers and Mains.

2011.10.18, 06:36 PM
Just like Mike said, The X15's are seriously good on high grip RCP tracks, the only issue being that they're super sensitive to tire temperature. If you get the tires to warm up well they will have good grip, but then might be too tall and cause traction rolling -- once they go smaller, they can overheat and then lose grip (at least you don't traction roll though).

Alternatively, I sometimes use PN 20 slicks up front, trued down. They won't have the same initial bite as the X15's, but they have much less scrub and carry more corner speed. Good for 80t racing in my opinion, for people who like more forgiving handling than the aggressive X15's.

Kyosho 30 radials and slicks are always good trued down, they are low-bite, low-scrub tires compared to PN tires so you get reduced initial steering but carry more corner speed out of the exit. I would peg the K30's as an "intermediate" tire with characteristics right in between the X15's and PN 20's. They work well on medium as well as high grip RCP, whereas the X15's and PN 20's are usually good on high grip only.

Those are the four tires I'd probably start off with if you have a medium/high-grip RCP track.

2011.10.18, 07:56 PM
i personally like the x15s. yes they do need to be trued but ive driven them down to the floor with consistent traction the entire time. took 3rd place in 80T stock at kenons recent Saturday night racing with X15s paper thin. x25s are great for scrubbing speed but doesnt give you the inital steering bite you want after, lets say a back straight. In field x25s do alright. x20s i are right inbetween and more of driver preference. All tires i ran with slick 6 rear at kenon. I highly recommend X Pattern 15s.

2011.10.19, 11:15 AM
Thanks everyone. You are all such a big help around here.
I hear people are saying they need to run 3+ offset with the X15's to limit grip rolls.
Does this mean we cant use narrower bodies for mod with these tires, or is this false?

2011.10.19, 12:20 PM
I find running +3 offset does minimize traction rolls. I believe since it is a wider stance that it does give you more stable and predictable handling. Since +3 offset is wide, you do need to run a wider body. Im not sure what the rules are around your area, but PNWC requires that the wheels do not sit outside of the fenders. For narrower bodys, +1 offset trued down to 22.5 and a couple of laps to break them in does pretty well.

Calle P
2011.10.19, 12:39 PM
Interesting stuff! Are you allowed to true off the little "wall" on the wheel in order to prevent it from making contact with the track when running really thin tires? (PNWC)

2011.10.19, 12:51 PM
i believe you can do so, but might have negative effects with a new set on tires mounted on the modified wheel. A lot of times when we reach the wall, we just switch out the tires for a new set

2011.10.19, 04:05 PM
Some tracks have more grip than others, also depending on what tires have been run on the track, the grip may have different characteristics. For high grip tracks that work well with PN rubber, the X15 is one of the best if not best front tires. On Kyosho rubber tracks, they work well, but may not be better than the Kyosho 30d radial.

As the cars are run, they lay rubber into the track, and the tires used most on the track will lay the most rubber. On 2 tracks local to me, one you must use PN 6/X15 tires f/r, the other K 20/K 30 tires... So figure out what tire works for the track you are driving, and remember to look at what other people are using if you go to a different track...