View Full Version : Autoscale options for MR03 and motor

2011.10.20, 04:22 AM
Can I just check a couple of things!?

1. Can any Mini Z Body (except F1 of course) fit the MR03 chassis?

2 If you fit a Wide body do you need appropriate offset wheels or can you run with other wheels and they will just be set in the wheelarches more?

3. What is the next best motor up from stock that can be run with stock fets?

Thanks for help

2011.10.20, 06:29 AM
1.yes it can
2.you can run narrower wheels set under the body.
3.you can run a stock R on stock fets,or any of the new atomic 17mm can motors.

2011.10.20, 06:38 AM
thank you kryten

unearthed name
2011.10.20, 09:42 AM
Or you can use x-speed motor

2011.10.20, 09:59 AM
i would say the pn 70 are the reflex 70 would be the next step up from stock.

2011.10.20, 10:59 AM
Or the Atomic USA motor, which I think is 60t. ATM Stock-R is 44t, which is quite a big step up in power.

I have used just about every Mini-Z motor on stock fets. While I would recommend fets for a motor with turns less than the PN 39t, it is not really needed to use the motors. Long term use with low turn motors may slowly hurt the board...