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2011.10.20, 10:17 AM
Hello Everyone,

First time post long time reader. Thanks to the contributors of this forum for all the useful and informative info. I'd like to introduce you to my new venture. We are http://www.rcparty2u.com based out of San Jose, CA and serving the Greater Bay Area. We are not a new shop or club, nor do we have our own physical location. What we offer is Event Services for mini-z racing that we bring to your location. Our primary focus is to bring the mini-z racing experience into people's homes and businesses. Please visit our website and let me know what you think. Also, referrals would be greatly appreciated :) If you know anyone in my area that is having a Birthday party soon, please let them know that instead of a Jump House they can have Mini-z racing.

I'd like to give special thanks to Peter at Fast Pace Racing who worked with me and provided me with all the necessary equipment to get me started. He's my go to guy for parts and repairs, great guy. I would also like to thank Inside Line Racing. Me and my 3 sons got started with mini-z at there Milpitas location. I've spoke with Binh once and he's also a great guy, just that he's in Cupertino and that's a little too far for me. I'd like to continue working with both of these shops and hopefully grow the relationship.

By the way,how can I get put in the Sub Forums of the Tracks GTG section?

Thank You