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2011.10.21, 12:08 PM
Hey guys, I noticed while driving my car that when I let up on the gas my car instantly brakes quite harsh (mod car). Comparing it to my other set up (Stock) the car rolls gradually to a slower stop, something I'm more used to.

I've checked all the bearings and every crevice for any binding issues and both cars seem to be in same condition.

Quite confused. Any help?

**Settings on both cars are almost the same, controller wise and chassis.

2011.10.21, 03:44 PM
Running a mod motor? Sometimes those have stronger magnets and will give you more off throttle braking.

2011.10.21, 04:52 PM
Exactly that, Mod motors usually have neodymium magnets and they provide a lot more drag brake than weaker ferrite magnets do for "Stock" motors.

If you really don't like it, and you have an ASF 2.4GHz car, you can tune it out using the "Virtual Inertia" setting on the car's ICS. It will let the car keep rolling like a Stock car when you let off the gas until you hit the brake.

My recommendation though, is that you will probably find that you need that drag brake sooner or later. When you're going that fast with a Mod car and you need to slow down for a tight hairpin, it's unlikely (I'd be impressed if you could!) that you could rely solely on the chassis setup to tuck the car into the corner without drag braking or any kind of braking at all.

2011.10.21, 05:05 PM
Ohhh, understood!

Thanks a bunch on the advice guys, much appreciated. I don't wanna get highly technical about getting into ICS and what not, I just enjoy driving my cars with what they already are, flat simple.

BTW, is there any remote settings that could help with this? Sorry I'm a nub. Hah

I've got a K.O. UR if that helps. *Yes its asf

2011.10.21, 05:42 PM
Not really, unfortunately -- you do not want to put the throttle trim forward as that will disable your reverse capabilities. Best bet is to borrow somebody's ICS tuner (they're pretty popular amongst enthusiastic racers) and tune the ICS to your liking.

Otherwise, you can cut a chunk of foam to act as a soft-stop for the trigger. Push the trigger hard to squeeze the foam and get reverse, otherwise the "neutral" position will be set slightly forward.

Out of curiosity (doesn't affect my answer), are you using the EX-1UR or EX-5UR?

2011.10.21, 11:38 PM
I'm using the EX-1ur