View Full Version : Upgrading from AAAs

2011.10.22, 06:57 AM
I'm running with a 4.8v setup with 1000mAh AAAs. I don't know much about charging the higher end batteries. I want to switch to a Li-Fe, or Li-Po setup.

I was looking at the R246 6.6v batteries and they seem great. It looks like one could remove them and throw another set in to keep going without modifying the chassis. This to me is a big plus, being able to remove the batteries and charge them while running another set.

I want to know how the chargers work. Can I plug it into the wall and charge from an AC power source or do I need a DC power source?

2011.11.27, 05:44 PM
You will need a different charger for NiMH batteries and for Li-Fe. You will also need to modify the battery wiring to use a Li-Fe on mini-Z.

If you don't want that complication, make it simple, just buy some more batteries that you can use.

2012.08.06, 09:17 AM
They say that necessity is the mother of all invention. You could use a Li-Ion battery and get up to 15 hours and still use the NiMH cells for your shorter run time devices.