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2002.07.29, 10:21 PM
i got my mini z today and i didnt have any new batteries so i gathered up some i wasnt sure if they were good or not. i get it started up and i drive it for like 5 seconds and it wont go in forward. but it will go in reverse. i put new batteries in and it still wont go in forward. and yes the batteries were BRAND NEW. i know this cause i opened the package with a knife.

2002.07.29, 10:32 PM
Were the batteries all the same type?

2002.07.29, 10:36 PM
no they were a mix of energizer and duracell. was that a bad thing.

2002.07.29, 10:41 PM
It's usually not a good thing, but at least you were mixing only brands, not chemistries, which was my concern. So with the new batteries it still goes in reverse, or not at all? And does it go fast in reverse or slow? Does it appear to be straining at all?

2002.07.29, 10:53 PM
im not sure what the original speed of it was seein i only ran it on carpet for 5 seconds. it only goes in reverse even with the new batteries in. it wont go in forward. the speed isnt very fast considering i can outrun it on foot easily. it doesnt seem to be straining at all.

2002.07.30, 12:21 AM
so i guess no one knows what is wrong with it. hmm i would think people at a mini z forum would know what every problem is.

The Thunderer
2002.07.30, 12:34 AM
It is VERY hard to determine what is going on without actual "hands on". You might want to check the connections (motor wires to the board, batteries are snug against their contacts, etc.). Try putting the batteries in and then pressing the contact areas toward each other (like squeezing the ends of the batteries).

Other than that, I really don't know what else may be wrong.

I wonder if its possible that you partially fried the board when you put in the mismatched batteries.

2002.07.30, 12:37 AM
Mixed Batteries are VERY BAD IDEA... even if they are the same brand you should use them from the same package or bought the same day from the same counter... differences in them will draw power to the weeker sell can cause damage to cell etc... if bad enough it can leak, or bust open. You might had a voltage problem and fried the esc... sounds more like the antenna touched the motor and you fried it that way... or maybe the static from the carpet fried the components... (starting to think more and more this is the reason most Z's are acting strange).

The Thunderer
2002.07.30, 12:43 AM
Originally posted by Draconious
...or maybe the static from the carpet fried the components... (starting to think more and more this is the reason most Z's are acting strange).

You know, Drac, you may be on to something here. I know that the wheels are rubber, but that doesn't stop static build up maybe from the spur gear area etc. I do know that there is MUCH MORE twitching on the carpet, than outside on the cement.

2002.07.30, 01:05 AM
well what do u think i should do about it cause i really dont want to blow 100 bucks on a new unit that cost more than a new car. is there a cheap fix for it or am i screwed. plz help.

2002.07.30, 04:17 AM
Check everything, doublecheck and try with matching batteries.
Go through the Z with the exploded view in the manual and check that all connections are solid.
That's about all that anybody can advice you to do, chrystal balls are few and far between.
If this does not help, take it to the place that sold it to you and ask about warranty replacement.

2002.07.30, 05:10 AM
Is the pile on the carpet very deep?

If you lift the motor away from the spur gear does it spin freely?

2002.07.30, 05:42 AM
this happened to in my early days with my mini-z. I got it to a LHS and they told me my FET's were offline and new ones were needed to operate the throttle, It had no effect on my steering just the throttle so I had them upgrade it right there and then and after the opperation was over we tested it and it worked just as it was before it I fried FET's if not better.

The situations are was somewhat alike X-cept I had no throttle at all.

My advice to you is take it to your LHS and see what they can find out about it.

2002.07.30, 10:58 PM
Seems like a lot of worrying over nothing. Just buy new quality alkaline batteries and test it again. Until I got my GP 750 NIMH batteries I used the energizer E2 Titanium batteries and they worked fine. Like eveyone else said don't mix and match batteries, use brand new, same type batteries and all should be well.
Good luck,

Also the with the GP batteries when the batteries die the car stops but with batteries that you can't recharge as they lose power the car slows down too. Keep that in mind.

2002.07.31, 03:21 PM
you might need to adjust the throttle trim. start at neutral and play with it.

just thinking out loud :D