View Full Version : 64 Pitch spur and pinion gear mesh

2011.10.22, 07:10 AM
What I want to know is how tight is too tight? I'm using a 53T/14T setup on a stock-R Evolution. I want to keep my gears as close as possible without generating any extra strain on the motor. Does the paper trick carry over to 1:28 scale? Any other tricks?

2011.10.22, 09:19 AM
the paper trick does carry over to this scale but you can get a nice mesh without it. be sure to have a smooth rotating feel on your spur and pinion without too much of a gap between them (which will cause quick pinion wear).

2011.10.22, 10:08 AM
a 14/53 on a stock r. just how fast do you want to go. be careful not to fry your board