View Full Version : I want foam tires for 1:28

2011.10.22, 07:21 AM
Please delete.

2011.10.22, 08:36 AM
Try contacting here:

2011.11.12, 12:12 PM
I contacted the company but there were not any C1 tires of any size in stock. I was told that there would not be any more tires from that batch of compound.

Foam tires have a grip that rubber tires don't have on concrete. I am really astonished that companies are not making foam tires for concrete/asphalt and carpet. Are there any alternatives?

2011.11.12, 07:24 PM

EVA foam seems to be the stuff they make 1/12 foamies out of, and if you buy a couple sheets and a small hole saw you can cut your own foam donuts to mount on your wheels. ;)

Me being lazy, I would probably buy an assortment of foam tubes (EVA doesn't come in tubes, but EPDM, silicone, nitrile and vinyl do) of the right size, cut them to width, and true away using a tire truer or homemade lathe.

Actually, thanks for asking this question, I would have forgotten where I was going to find low-traction foam tires for my RWD drift project... :)