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2011.10.23, 08:23 AM

I need to know weight and heigth for 8 bodies.
They are intended to use in a "Standard" car series her in Norway.

I talked about just doing the Toyota Vitz, but then some did not want to just use that.

But so that not one body gives you a special advantage, I was wondering about the weight, wheel base and heigth of these cars:

ABARTH 500 Assetto Corse
Lancia Delta
Lancia Delta HF Integrale 6
Volkswagen Beetle Turbo S
Volkswagen GOLF GTI (disqualified!)
Volkswagen Golf R32 (disqualified!)

If one of these bodies gives a great advantage, I have to rule it out.

I was planning on using a MR-03-HM as a base. Bearings allowed, swap of T-plate allowed. You can use any tire you want, except foam and tires with silicon. You can not true you're tires. You can use any rim as long as it has the same offset av width as the one that came with the body.
You can't modify the body. And some other rules. Basically keeping the costs down.

Hope somebody can help me with this one

Edit: Golf ruled out!
EDIT: updated with all the cars I found that is based on the HM.
Not on the same chassi, but I think MR-03 can fit them all and I belive that all of them is 90mm wheelbase

2011.10.23, 10:40 AM
actually the golf is 94mm...
wish i could be of more help regarding body weights...
don't really know which body has a distinct advantage at a box stock level...
good luck and pls post pics and vids when it all comes togetherů

Digitalis West
2011.10.23, 10:43 AM
I think the Golfs are 94mm which is a great advantage. Otherwise the list looks quite fair and is similar to the "Mini" class for the KO Mini-Z race in California.

2011.10.23, 11:41 AM
ah thanks

If the Golf is 94 mm (both R32 and GTI??) then it "has" to be discualified.
That would be a to big advantage after my opinion.

Of course there will be some video and photo's if I manage to pull this off.

I would love to have a Vitz challange, but I have to see what is possible.

EDIT: all remaining body uses 0N/0N wheels, so then it should be very similar setup on all.
The mini is a bit longer than the others, so that might be a disadvantage, but not sure if it matters.

EDIT2: I was also thinking about letting people run stock kyosho motor or RR70T motor. Not sure on this one ether...

2011.10.23, 03:59 PM
The rr 70 is going to be a lot faster than the kyosho motor

2011.10.23, 04:09 PM
As far as I understand, the Mini Cooper S is significantly faster than the other bodies on the list due to its shorter overhangs. I would not want to outlaw it because it's definitely in the "spirit" of the competition that you're looking for, but you will probably want to handicap Mini drivers somehow to equalize the competition.

2011.10.23, 04:13 PM
Ah, this is great information

Thanks guys!

How can I balance Mini from the others?
What motor would most likely match Kyosho stock motor?

2011.10.23, 09:24 PM
I think that the Mini is not at as much of an advantage as it may appear to be. The Delta has similar overhangs and is about the same weight, as is the Vitz... The safest choice is the Beetle or Abarth, what they lose on laptime, it gains with its ability to rub the boards without pulling tires (which both the Mini and Delta do).

If I were to choose a body to run on the list, I would probably go with the Abarth, or Vitz. The Fit is hard to come by. I have run the Mini for a while in our 90mm Skinny (0n/0n) 70t class, and retired it due to constantly losing the front tires on the inside of a corner if I brushed the apex to tight.

2011.10.23, 10:42 PM
hmm... interesting input regarding the beetle, emu...

as for motors... if you are going to keep it simple, why not just stick with the stock motor? or if you are going to have a 'standard' motor for everybody, choose one, and include the cost in the registration fee... that way you will have a 'hand-out' motor that everybody will have to use...

2011.10.24, 03:46 AM
Thanks for info on the bodys!!

Then they might choose what they want or we're sticking with just one....

But for the motors...
The stock Kyosho is way to different from motor to motor.
I was hoping that if there was a aftermarket motor that was similar to an stok kyosho motor, we could allow that as well. So that they could swap if they wanted to, but that they did not have to swap.

Not that it is much of a cost, but I want to keep it as simple and fun as possible.

If you got serveral bodys that have some advantages and some disadvantages, then it's up to the driver.
Same with the motor.

It's just so that we can find a set of rules that makes the stock car fun and easy to learn how to drive.

We have come so far that we say just 90mm wheel base, any none silicon tires, original width and offset on wheels, any T-Plate and ball bearings. Rest is stock from the kit.
If we can also have a nice Toyota Vitz offer for those who want to try, then I think this class can be really fun and a nice entry for new people.

And since the Vitz is MR-03, then they can ether go Mod with it or buy another MR-03 for Mod.

We are also having restrictions about programming the MR-03 board, so that none can use there own setup. It has to be the same.
Controls will be done on top 3 and some random other cars.

Digitalis West
2011.10.24, 05:13 PM
I don't think there is a huge advantage to any of these bodies. Most folks I see running "Mini" class use the Vitz or the Mini.

My body of choice on the list is the Beetle. It is round on top so it seems more likely to land on it's wheels after flipping over. This line of reasoning probably says more about my driving than anything else... but I like the Beetle.

The bodies do seem to be much better matched than in other classes with all of the bodies you list being competitive.

2011.10.24, 09:47 PM
'Cause in real life, there's only so many ways you can design an econobox lol... at Inside Line the fastest tall hatchback is the Mini as far as I recall, so perhaps that's the difference between RCP and carpet? :confused:

What about other tall, short 90mm bodies? I figure the Alfa Romeo Brera might be a good addition to this class (unless it's 94mm, which I'm unsure about).

2011.10.24, 10:46 PM
'Cause in real life, there's only so many ways you can design an econobox lol... at Inside Line the fastest tall hatchback is the Mini as far as I recall, so perhaps that's the difference between RCP and carpet? :confused:

What about other tall, short 90mm bodies? I figure the Alfa Romeo Brera might be a good addition to this class (unless it's 94mm, which I'm unsure about).

Alfa brera is 90mm, but it seems lower profile than the other bodies mentioned here. Which might give it an advantage.

Digitalis West
2011.10.24, 11:15 PM
Actually the winner in last years KO GP at Inside Line was running a Vitz, Mini in second, Beetle in third... and the Beetle turned faster laps but crashed more. The Mini has nice short overhangs but the window/roof structure cannot be cut out and lightened with the same level of aggression :rolleyes:...

The Brera is quite low and this is definitely an advantage. It is similar to the AE86 Trueno. It is the best looking 90mm body though....

2011.10.25, 01:46 AM
The Brera is a beautiful 90mm 0N/0N AWD body. And it can accept the stock RM motor mount :p

2011.10.25, 02:57 AM
I removed the roof and put vinyl over the window part... pretty aggressive weight reduction. On a second body, I removed the roof, cut off all the window where it goes over, and glued it back on. I think that the Mini can shed the most weight, and in the end should be the lightest...

2011.10.25, 03:03 AM
But according to "my" rules there will not be allowed to remove anything from any of the bodies.

I picked out these cars because of HM and 90mm.
So if you have a suggestion about a car that can take HM and have a wheel base of 90mm please lett me know.