View Full Version : fet replacement problem

2011.10.28, 02:16 PM
I was replacing a burnt fet on an 03 board but I think it might be pooched. There are two pads stuck to the dead fet. It is the two pads in the picture. Is this repairable? Thanks for any help.


2011.10.28, 06:11 PM
It is repairable. You will have to use some wires to reconnect the burnt pads to where they were supposed to.

The leg on the FET to the left (the one on the edge of the board), you should use a thick wire, like motor wire, and solder it to the same pin on the fet's underneath the board, or to the + wire on the batteries. As for the other pin, use a thin wire and connect it to the corresponding pad on the opposite side of the board.

It's late and english isn't my native language so If you can't understand what i'm saying, just wait until someone can explain better, you don't want to ruin your board do you? :D

2011.10.28, 06:43 PM
Thanks, glad it can be fixed. Your English is fine. I know exactly what you mean.
It's a fix for a friend who would probably just buy another board if I didn't give it a try.
Thanks again.