View Full Version : RR Parts for mini z buggy?

2011.10.31, 06:31 AM
I happened to see mini z buggy menu on Reflex racing's online shop.
The menu is empty though.Parts for buggy soon?

The optima disappoints me quite abit when ran out of the box.
The steering tie rod and 'extended rods' kept coming out of its place when hit,even quite lightly.
Bulid quality does not seem top notch as I expected from kyosho.
The slipper-clutch spur gear is a disappointment design of 3 legged part rubbing on the gear with 'clicks'.

I really hope CT will 'race' it soon and come out with enhanced parts for it.

2011.10.31, 12:02 PM
We will definitely take a look at the buggies and address weaknesses for them. At least, that's the intention :)

We have been doing a lot of R&D in 10th scale offroad, which I am sure will translate down to the buggies.

2011.10.31, 12:10 PM
I've had that issue with my buggy,i turned the gain down to min on ICS and its fine now. Tho i dont get any clicking from the drivetrain,mine is lovely and smooth.