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2011.10.31, 01:26 PM
Hello, I commanded my Mini-Z, I am now going to order AAA cells.
And I do not know which to take order.

In fact I want to be able to drift during 45minutes minimum; 1 hour would be nice.
I do not want my batteries to be empty in 15 minutes and to tidy up my mini-Z after only 15min of drift...
Witch batteries are necessary for me?
I already command Orion 1100maH but how long will they last? Especially in drift where the consumption of current is more important than in grip

Thus I shall have wanted to know if a set of orion 1100 is enough or if I have to take another set or if by taking orion 900maH in more I shall have my 1 hour of drift? 750maH gives more power but apparently owed 15minutes in grip and I don't know how many in drift?
In brief I shall set well of 900mah to have a little more power than with 1100 but as I do not know how much owed each of its modeles...

Ps: I will drift on stone floor, I have no carpets to home

And which batteries I must take for the perfex radio kt18?
Alkalines, nicd or nimh? Orion 900mah? Or cheap cells? Which brand do you recommend me for the transmitter?

Thank you

2011.10.31, 02:05 PM
As far as transmitter batteries are concerned they will last a long time, because the transmitter will use very little power. I'm not sure about the batteries for the car. Drifting for 45min to 1 hour would be a long time. You should probably stop and let the motor cool after about 20-30 min. During the time your car's motor is cooling switch batteries. Drifting tends to get motors very hot due to the high rpm nature of drifting. I would recommend any cheap nimh battery. I use a combination of radioshack rechargables and energizer rechargables. If you are just drifting and not competitive I would not buy the expensive racing AAA's. Hope this helped.

2011.11.01, 08:43 AM
Thank you for your help,
I will add an Aluminum Motor Heatsink then.

2011.11.01, 10:18 AM
Thank you for your help,
I will add an Aluminum Motor Heatsink then.

Yes, the heatsink is far more important when drifting. I would recommend the 3racing one because it fits well and it is cheap.

2011.12.01, 04:27 PM
I hear new Atomic round-can motors are pretty heat-efficient, so a lower-power one of those should be perfect for drifting.