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2011.11.01, 12:29 AM
Hi, the race sequencies in our mini-z competitions are 7 minutes.
We run 4xAAA NiMH batteries (Orion 750SHO, Orion 800, Energizer 800).
My problem is, that in the beginning of the race I have enough current to be between first drivers, but during race I slowly fall down, due to decreasing of the batteries power (even if I have no old batteries).
How to care for my batteries to keep the maxi power in the most flat curve of the current delivery since the beginning until end of the 7min race ?
What "breaking in" do you recommend for new batteries, in what state of charge level to stock batteries and what procedure of charging do you recommend to stay highly competitive all allong the 7 minutes ?
Thanks a lot for your advice.

unearthed name
2011.11.01, 05:17 AM
my break in regime of battery usually just to put it in powerex break in mode. after that i usually go charge them at 1000 mah. if the battery won't be used for a week or more, just top them up.

are you sure that there are nothing faulty in the motor and the cabling of the car? a slow car can also be caused by an almost run out motor brushes or unclean motor brushes.

2011.11.01, 10:26 AM
Or is your car heavier then to other cars?
That also becomes more of an issue after a couple of minutes when the best of the batteries is goen.

2012.08.06, 09:24 AM
To get total actual available energy, the relevant measure is the total capacity.