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2011.11.01, 04:04 PM
A friend of my got this problem last night.
We where driving and my KT18 started blinking.
I swapped batteries and turned of training mode and no problems afterwards.

but my friend also got this.
So I told him to try new batteries and the problem went away.
Then after 10 more minutes the transmitter suddenly turns on training mode while driving again.

How can the KT18 turn on training mode on it self while driving?
He had some good laps and then he thought the batteries in the car was finished. Then he saw the flashing blue light on the KT18.

It happened 4 times when we raced for 3 hours.
He swapped batteries in the KT18 after the second time.
Then he got it 2 times quite fast after the battery swap, and then he could run for an hour without the KT18 turning on training mode by itself.

Anyone got an idea for this?
Was it something he did while driving?
something broken?

2011.11.01, 05:27 PM
The contacts on the battery tray can be a bit loose and have bad connection.
If the transmitter looses power when driving, it could be getting contact again when you are in reverse. Then you are in training mode.
A longshot maybe, but its absolutely possible.

We have had several transmitters that looses power when racing. This always happens to the same guy, and with all KT-18 he gets his hands on.

He is a guy who more than once has ripped of the steering wheel when racing, and has cracked the housing on one radio.
My guess is that if you are a bit forceful when driving, you can twist and bend the plastic in a way so the batteries looses connection.

2011.11.02, 04:11 AM
Thanks for reply.

Will check if this problem remains next monday.