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2002.07.30, 06:43 AM
Exactly where does the rear BB's supposed to be placed?B-cause I can think of two more places but the sets only provide three for the rear!

I think the sets should provide BB's for the motor mount spacers too or has someone already thought of this before this post and recieved a logical explination why they're not provided.

2002.07.30, 07:17 AM
I bet the one you have left goes on the wheel on the spur gear end.

2002.07.30, 07:24 AM
Butler I know where all three go, Its just that I think there should be two more for the motor mount plastic bearings

2002.07.30, 07:28 AM
Exactly where did you put the 3 rear bearings?
There are 2 plastic bushings that you are supposed to leave there as the axle does not rotate in those.

2002.07.30, 07:30 AM
Oh I see.

So where have you put yours, and are there more places to put them? I thought motor mount only held two.

2002.07.30, 08:09 AM
on the rear wheels.

So where does it really go?

2002.07.30, 08:12 AM
one goes to the outside of the spur-gear side wheel (no room on the inside with the stock diff, ball diff comes with a bearing in there.)
The remaining 2 replace the plastic bushings in the motor mount.
Notice how the axle turns WITH the left rear wheel, no need for bearings there.

2002.07.30, 08:25 AM
Yeah, thats how mine is.

2002.07.30, 05:38 PM
So all this time I bin placing my bearings wrong! I feel like such a novice now!

BTW thanks butler and W-t

2002.07.31, 03:09 AM
Hey thats what we are all here for ;)

2002.08.02, 01:51 AM
i had that same problem..... i felt like a goon when i figured it out... duh! doctor

2002.08.02, 02:50 AM
In your experiences with your ball bearings witch performes best?

2002.08.02, 10:52 AM
The Squat Dry Racing bearings are without doubt the best by far. Nothing else comes even remotely close, especially considering what a deal they are. I'm sure that several hundred of you out there will agree with this.

2002.08.02, 11:36 AM
Hello everyone,

I've tried my best to take a photo of the ball bearings installation instructions (I don't have a scanner), hope this will be helpful.

Skylineboy :)

2002.08.02, 07:56 PM
I agree mini-z I have two sets Duratrax and Squat dry bearings and so far by my tests the Squat bearings are ahead of the game

2002.08.11, 12:19 AM
I'm wanting to get the Squat dry bearings, but can't find many sites that carry them. I know you can get them from here, what other sites is it possible to get them from? I just started working a few days ago, and I'm waiting on my first paycheck, and I'm wanting to spend about half of it on hop ups for my mini-z :D so I'm spending most of my online time shopping around for the parts i want.

2002.08.11, 09:55 PM
We are the only site that sells them that I know of. The only other site I've seen that sells any "Squat" parts sells counterfiet Squat parts! Do not buy any Squat parts from Hong Kong. Search the Forums and you'll find the warnings that Squat sent us about these stores.

2002.08.18, 12:18 AM
We are the only site that sells them that I know of

I looked around on here and only found the set of Squat ball bearings that are for the front wheels (4 pieces) not the complete set...is it available?

2002.08.20, 12:07 PM
Yes, we're sold out of the 7PC set at the moment but it should be back in stock today or tomorrow.