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2011.11.04, 11:45 PM
YoYo-Pete and I got our buggies Wednesday, and proceeded to turn our basement into a buggy arena last night. Shot some footage and put together our first feeble attempt at a video with the limited resources available to us. I was driving and YYP was filming, he handled the editing as well with me offering input where I could.

Here it is! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWIxCtWt-L4)

The video is basically a proof of concept, we may actually pick up a nicer camera, set up some lighting and make a second attempt. Also the track is a work in progress, we have some more elements planned and may make some changes to what's already there. Were just having fun here, nothing too serious. These buggies are great!

EDIT: fixed the link even though there's a working one in the second post

2011.11.06, 12:56 AM
Broken link. You want http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWIxCtWt-L4 :)

Great looking track, nice variety in features.

Also, great music selection!

2011.11.06, 01:57 AM
Ack!! Why didn't someone say something sooner! Suppose I should have tested it...

But yeah, thanks! We're having a lot of fun with the track and already have some ideas on how to expand upon it :)