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2011.11.05, 12:59 PM
Haha, who here remembers me?

I was into the micro rc scene since i got a gen1 xmod in 2005.
then i bought an xmod evo two years later.
Finally, 2 years ago, got my first mr02 :) I was on my 3rd gen2 xmod chassis, and i just wanted something that was built better. When 2.4ghz came out, i got the board only, along with a blank chassis. I transferred the 2.4 board into my modded mr02 (full qtec diff and what not), and then put all of my stock pieces on the new blank chassis, along with the AM board, and built another car.

Shortly after that, my friend and I both bought wide L rcp tracks, and every couple days we would get together and build hfay tracks and race.

That was up until last summer (2010), when i got into hondas. The same friend and I sold all of our mini-z stuff along with the tracks, to ChiMiniz (the chicago mini-z club). Then i bought my first honda and Im on my second one now. I still come on here once a month or so, just to see what the new products are, and to reminisce. I think i might look for a used AWD or an mr03. Im in college and my car is stored at home (summer car only), so it would be something to do while im waiting for summer break, and I just miss the community here.

So whats been up? :D

2011.11.06, 08:18 PM
Welcome back bmxtrev! :) You should definitely pick up a new Z for the cold months, and thanks for the complement RE community! :)