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2011.11.07, 02:51 PM
Hi again.
PN 8 slick
PN 10 slick.

Of these two I have always thought the#8 tire seems harder/ less grippy than #10.
At least until now.
The latest #8 tires i bought are much softer and have more grip. Almost as the #10 tires.
Have something changed on the #8 tires?

Is there some logic to the numbers on the PN tires?

On a typical PN tire RCP track. Could you tell me what is the order would be from soft to hard?

2011.11.20, 12:08 PM
The 8 is the softer of the two tires here.

Basically the lower the number the softer the tire.

Kyosho 20's are probably the softest in the Kyosho line and the 6 is the softest in the PN line. So a place to start would be 6 in the rear and 8 in the front. If you have Kyosho then you will find that 20 in the back and 30 up front is a great place to start on any rcp track and then you can gauge the grip level from there and move accordingly. Most new RCP track isn't going to have as much grip as an older set of tiles. So if the track you race on is older then you might want to move up to a harder tire. Keep in mind that you could also change many other things to give the car more grip.

2011.11.22, 08:38 AM
I have had a lot of #8 slicks that are much harder than the #10 slicks, so it is strange that PN now has changed these.

How about the #15 tires. Are the X15 and the slick 15 the same compund?

2011.11.22, 10:11 AM
On the durometer, the 8's may be harder than the 10's, but I have enjoyed using the 8's at high-grip RCP tracks whereas the 10's are not actually usable for me. So in this sense you can see that PN rates their tires by traction more so than absolute hardness.

For your other question, the X15 is not the same compound as the Slick 15. I feel they are similar, but I think the Slick 15 has a softer, more compliant carcass so the handling is a little more progressive/"gentle". Still enough traction to traction roll anyways though, so be careful! :)

2011.11.22, 05:30 PM
The 8 is the softer of the two tires here.

I don't agree with this. I have used both tires and the 10 slicks are a lot softer than the 8's. Supposedly some of the 8 degree tires last year were made with the wrong compound and were harder than intended, but the new 8's use the correct compound. I have tried the new 8 degree slicks and they are stickier than the 15 slicks and 15x patters, but still not as soft at the 10 degree slicks.
I have only purchased two sets of 10 degree slicks but both pairs were extremely soft.