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2011.11.07, 07:40 PM
What do you think of GPM tires? Are they good on hard floors or carpet? I don't have a RCP track. (too expensive and no tracks near me) If they are what degree?

2011.11.08, 09:14 AM
GPMs were the best tire you could get years back... the treaded 10 degree rears were the softest out there at one point. (Kyosho 20s early on seemed harder than they are now.) I still use the GPM 15 degree and 10 degree front tires on two of my cars. I found them in the bottom of my tire box a little while ago... they work just fine. I tried the rears I found too and it was spin-out city, nowhere close to a newer style tires traction level. They were fresh out of the wrapper too.

That was all on RCP though... on an AWD on hard surfaces they should be fine, it's more about balance between front and rear traction levels on hard surfaces and carpet anyways.

2011.11.08, 12:41 PM
gpm had a falling out some time back when batches of tires were released that were drastically inconsistent. like imx said, gpm 10's used to be the gold standard till gpm let loose a flood of junk tires to all the retailers. that incident killed their reliability and consumer confidence. i haven't bought a single gpm tire since then and for rcp, many moved to kyosho 30f/20r.

2011.11.08, 01:30 PM
I almost forgot about that one... scary thing is, I would guess that some retailers may still have those oddball batches floating around in their inventories which would make it a crapshoot as to what you would recieve.

GPMs did have a good ability to last all the way down to near the rim though, only other tire I've encountered like that since was the Reflex rear tires (SSGs?).

2011.11.08, 04:36 PM
Weird, I guess I will just have to try and see. :D

2011.11.08, 06:55 PM
Long story short, you'll have to buy several sets of GPM tires and experiment around to find the right traction balance.

With AWD on hardwood you should find that Kyosho 30 radials front and rear work decently, and on carpet you'll want K30 radial front/K20 radial rear if not silicone tires (PN/Atomic/3racing carpet tires). If you're running a RWD car you'll want foam rear tires on hardwood and silicone tires for carpet.

2011.11.09, 10:22 AM
GPM 25's all around works on painted MDF tracks, painted concrete, Rubber tracks etc.
It is a very good allround tire.
Also, they are extremely consistent from batch to batch, and has been so for the last 4 - 5 years.