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2011.11.10, 12:02 AM
it it possible to mount a mr-03 body on a m-r02 chassis? i REALLY like this body set-


would like to go with the 02 chassis because of cost and durability. but the 03 lambo body has got my attention. thanks john

unearthed name
2011.11.10, 12:12 AM
yes you can. as long as the body is wide.

2011.11.10, 04:53 AM
When you look at MR03 bodies for your MR02, just make sure that the chassis designation is "MR03W", that way it is designed to be compatible (the MR03W and MR02 have the same footprint).

If you buy an MR02EX the orange Murcielago is one of the ready-to-run choices. :)

2011.11.10, 05:42 AM
You can, but performance wise it doesnt compare with the original murcielago.
I have both and this one I never use. I have alot of trouble with the front tires rubbing something when you turn. Also the rear window is lower and it is possible it touches the disk damper.

2011.11.10, 11:16 AM
wow!:) that some fast responses. thnaks for the info!!:D john

2011.11.10, 01:13 PM
You can fit narrow bodies onto MR02s... just have to go to smaller offset wheels in most cases.

And yes, you will find this site to be the most helpful of almost any specific RC site out there.