View Full Version : I need help with camber on my MR02

2011.11.11, 05:42 PM
My car is a MR-02 EX with the stock front end. I am going to be upgrading my knuckles. I am having difficulties figuring out which degree of camber is needed.

The questions I have in mind are about the stock camber. What is the degree of the stock Kyosho knuckle? My tires are losing tread on the outside with that knuckle. Do I need a 0 degree knuckle? I'm running on rough but flat concrete, stiff springs, 25 degree tires on front and rear. I would ideally like an even tread wear on the tires.

2011.11.11, 06:08 PM
the stock knuckles are going to be 0 degree knuckles, I recommend going with at least a 1 degree knuckle. this should give you a more even wear.

2011.11.12, 07:08 AM
The outer edge of my tires have been worn down, and the inner edge of my tires have plenty of tread left.

If I understand correctly, I am in a positive camber setup now with 0 deg knuckles.

If I am adding positive camber in 1.5-2 deg, will it not compound the situation by making my tires wear much worse?

2011.11.12, 09:16 AM
you will be adding negative camber. -2 degrees should result in nearly even tire wear.

2011.11.12, 10:51 AM
Forget about the alu knuckles, get a set of the 3 racing blue plastics one.
It a set of 3 cambers. The are alot stronger then the stock plastics, they dont break. And also they are smooth as ice. You will never have had such a smooth mr02 suspension. + they cost a fraction of 3 sets of alus.

2011.11.13, 12:13 PM
I can't find negative camber knuckles. Could you please point me to a shop that will have them?

2011.11.13, 04:55 PM
All cambered knuckles on the market are negative cambers. ;)

2011.11.13, 11:18 PM
Perfect, thanks for the help! This was something I had no clue about until now.