View Full Version : Switching to "narrow" and...?

2011.11.11, 08:14 PM
My RR top arms don't fit into the recesses so i can't mount the arms at the moment...

Is there enough material to grind without making a through void to the servo area?

2011.11.13, 11:18 AM
Grind carefully. :) You should have enough unless you're trying to run stupid amounts of camber.

2011.11.13, 12:17 PM
Thanks for the advice Brian...I decided to grind off some material of the RR top arm instead. I felt that speed wise ( car built for tight/technical mini 96 course) it was unlikely to cause arm failures with a tiny bit less of material there.

Next question: anyone have good success with wiring of the motor for a 90mm midmount motor? I could use some ideas....

2011.11.14, 09:31 AM
Anybody ever try 92mm mid mount? It seems that 90mm doesn't have much forward flex so I thought about using a RR 96mm t plate to give the pod a bit more space to the back of the chassis...

Thoughts anyone?

2011.11.14, 01:30 PM
You never actually need all that much forward flex in the rear pod, so you'll be fine with 90mm. :) 92mm would be fine too but I've never tried it.

2011.11.18, 04:33 PM
Ive never tried 92mm, but I do want to. If you do try it, let us know how you like it. What motormount are you planning to use?

2011.11.18, 04:42 PM
I wound up getting the PN 90mm mid pod. I am intrigued by our conversation about that 90mm side spring thread so in the future I may get into side spring usage. I'm building a 94mm car using color0's creative side spring mount so once i get grips on that I may get fully into side spring usage.

I'll let you know about 92mm soon...my next gtg is in Dec.

2011.12.01, 04:29 PM
Got mine setup with atomic 90mm MM and it feels just right to me.

2011.12.06, 07:18 AM
Me too! The PN 90 MM mount took me to the track record with a 50T PN motor.