View Full Version : discdamper on PN 1004510045 rm motor mount?

2011.11.12, 04:21 AM
Trying to figure out how to mount disc damper to the pn rm motormount.
Do I need some additional parts? Special dds?
Cannot find any picture of the mount on a car.

The mount in question is this one: http://www.kenonhobby.com/PN-Racing-Mini-Z-MR015MR02-RM-Motor-Mount-Orange_p_42837.html

Thanks in advance

2011.11.12, 05:15 AM
There are several ways of doing so, two of them clean and two of them involving a bit of DIY.

1. Kyosho makes an RM disk damper kit that includes the adapter plate you need to mount the damper post to the motor mount.

2. Atomic makes an RM disk damper adapter kit for this same purpose, if I recall correctly. They used to make an RM disk damper kit too but its performance is not so great due to having the disks placed too low (no leverage).

3. Cut your own adapter to mount the post and use a "normal" MM disk damper kit.

4. (Requires experimentation) Using nuts and longer screws, bolt the stock RM pod shock mount to the pod, without using the spacers on the PN pod. This puts the shock mount nice and low and you can choose between shock mounts to move the disk damper fore and aft, and of course you can set the disk damper height to whatever you want using shims. This is actually a "clean" method of mounting RM disk dampers but you have to play around with it before it'll work.

2011.11.12, 12:07 PM
Looks like it is safe to order it then:)