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2011.11.14, 12:30 PM
I'm looking at getting a new tx to replace my kt-18 since I have more then one car. I'm by no means a great racer or need top of the line it is still just a hobby for me. I norrowed it down to these 2. Seems like the 5-ur would work the only thing I'm not liking is I can only find the red version. I would like a black one but if there's not a whole lot different between the 1and 5 ill get a red 5 to same me 50$. Any input will be apprrciated.

2011.11.14, 01:20 PM
The EX-1 is significantly more powerful than the EX-5 -- the former is a full-featured racing radio and the latter is more geared to the intermediate market. Response time for the EX-1UR may be (in theory) slightly slower, since the EX-5 should be using a newer module built into the radio. But the EX-1UR already feels telepathic so it makes no difference to me.

One point of contention is that the EX-1UR is more than $50 above the EX-5UR when you factor in the price of the module -- I think you're looking at about a $100 price difference.

2011.11.14, 01:24 PM
i would go with the ex1. a fellow racer got the ex5 and the build quality is that of a cheap am rr radio. the other thing about the ex1 is if you get out of the hobby you will have a better chance of selling the ex1 as it will work for any scale of racing. plus the ex1 is a great radio and only being 50 more its a no brainer.

2011.11.14, 01:43 PM
That would be the ex1 is get which is 229 with the linkage module, atleast that's what I'm reading on the site.
The red ex-5 is 189.00 with module.
If I'm reading it right and both come with the module at that price ill go with the ex1, if that price on the ex1 doesn't include module that price will pit it out of budget

2011.11.15, 04:11 PM
The EX1 is heavier than some of the other radios I've used. All the extra weight is at the top. So it stands but I would recommend the kick stand. I would find both somewhere, maybe your LHS, and see which one feels good in your hands. It like a pair of shoes, you should try them on before buying them.

2011.11.15, 04:53 PM
EX-5 doesn't have a module so it's $230 vs. $160, I would still go with the EX-1. At the very least, it's adaptable for more than just Mini-Z in case you ever delve into other vehicles. :)

2011.11.15, 08:53 PM
yeah the ex-5 is mini-z/dnano specific... so it doesn't utilize a module...
you will have to purchase a 2.4 asf mini-z module for the ex-1... so that will cost extra, and you might want to factor that in...

2011.11.15, 08:58 PM
i would go with the ex1. a fellow racer got the ex5 and the build quality is that of a cheap am rr radio. the other thing about the ex1 is if you get out of the hobby you will have a better chance of selling the ex1 as it will work for any scale of racing. plus the ex1 is a great radio and only being 50 more its a no brainer.

hmm... given the build quality... how does the functionality compare with the ex1? is it more or less the same? what advantages does one have over the other?

2011.11.15, 10:13 PM
the 5 is what it is, an upgrade from the kt-18. it's the same plastic quality radio but with better fit and feel, proper feature adjustments and model memory. i have it and while it does feel like a kt-5, i like it. it's very light weight compared to my ex-10 which is one of the reasons why i got it. like the author, i have several cars so it was a very affordable, great feature radio. he didn't mention needing it for other rc's so the module part is irrelevant really. it makes for good talking points but if it's not one of the qualifications of the buyer, it's overkill, much like me buying my ex-10 for just mini-z:p i liked the kt-5 and used them for years so it felt very natural to go back to the 5.

i'm sure you can still find a black 5 if you ask around a lot and look hard enough. the color was discontinued in favor of red. not sure who made that call but it is what it is. i have the red one and it grows on you.:rolleyes:

2011.11.16, 01:27 AM
There are a couple functions that are not found in the EX-5, but are in the EX-1UR and Helios. I dont recall seeing punch, or throttle/steering speed, there may be others that I am overlooking...

The Helios has throttle presets, which I find come in handy, especially if you use the brake function and have to turn down the brake on the trigger to a point that it effects reversing. I set a thumb button to full reverse, so I never have any issues backing up.

For me, I can drive a car well with the EX-5, I am just much more comfortable with the Helios. I use most of the functions that the Helios has to offer to get the car to feel dialed in. Without having some of the functions you do somewhat limit the ability to fine tune the throttle and steering response.

You may ask; How can throttle punch be useful? Isnt curve enough? I typically run with a positive curve for slower motors, and close to 0 curve for faster motors. Depending on the layout, I may use more or less curve. If the track is relatively high speed, I can add a little punch to essentially increase the throttle 20 notches as soon as I start to pull the trigger. I feel that this gives more control of the car when it is at speed, since 99% of the trigger pull is controlling 80% of the throttle range. I then can get a better feel for the amount of weight transfer I want the car to have as I let off the throttle. For smaller or more technical tracks I rarely use punch, only on larger tracks where my speed doesnt drop down below 75% of the max speed of the car.

Before using Punch, I only used curve, and found that I would use close to positive 70 for a 70 turn, but that gave me a wierd feeling since the throttle was so far away from being linear. Once I used the punch, I had a much more linear feeling after the intial burst in speed. I also tried using a negative curve with punch on faster motors with to good effect.

In general, I still think that the EX-5 is a good transmitter, that will adequately suit many Mini-Z racers that know they will not race other cars besides Mini-Z, or want a seperate transmiter only for their Mini-Z. Its price point is a little high, but it is still considerably cheaper than the module based transmitters.

I still feel that the EX-10 Helios is the best transmitter for the Mini-Z, as I have seen many bugs in both the Eurus and the EX-1UR (although most bugs have been worked out for new versions). I tried a Eurus and EX-1UR since I thought about upgrading, but decided that for me, the Helios is best. Others may and will differ with their opinion, but I have no plans to upgrade any time soon.

2011.11.16, 02:20 AM
wow... i'm totally blown away... thanks for your answers... appreciate it very mucho...
i'm sure miniznewb will too...

hmm... i know my brother has a helios stashed somewhere... hehehe...

2011.11.16, 06:55 AM
Thank you for The responses. I think I am gonna go with the ex1 as I do run 1/10th scale and didn't even think about being able to use it on them with another module

2011.11.17, 05:27 PM
I reckon this is veering off-topic, but EMU, the new Eurus I picked up has not seen any bugs so far. :) The only issue was an oxidized AA holder, but a LiPo takes care of that.


Your hand size also matters in choosing a radio, the EX-1 (Mars, Mars R, UR, etc.) is significantly smaller than the EX-10 (Helios, Eurus) and if you have large hands you're not going to like the EX-1 much. Vice versa for small hands.

2011.11.17, 05:30 PM
Quick sidenote: In the past 5 months I've picked up 4 different Ex-10 helios for in the $100 range each(for my loaner cars)...bit of a savings from a new radio with great functionality for the new to experienced user.

Check out rctech for great deals like I've found.;)

2011.11.17, 05:38 PM
if your going to run 1/10, PLEASE choose something with modules for obvious reasons :) makes that whole argument before mute.

never underestimate the value of a good ebay auction. you can find ex-10's for a decent value now that they have been discontinued for an updated model. might be hard to find modules for the ex-10 though.

2011.11.18, 01:10 AM
Emu, the UR5 does have throttle/steering speed, but not punch. But punch you can set in the car itself. Now I never used another ko propo transmitter, I went from the KT18 to the UR5 since the day it came out in Japan nearly 2 years ago. For me it has improved my driving alot over the KT18. Would I be a better driver with another radio? Maybe but I dont think so.
It is light, even with 8 AA batteries in it, it feels good in my hand and Ican use it hours on end without any problems.

For me it basicly comes down to this: do you have other RC cars then go with something else. Do you only have mini-z and dnano then this is the perfect transmitter. I dont think there is anything you cant do with it and the ICS settings that you can do with the helios.

2012.01.06, 07:24 AM
I use Futaba 4PK with all other RC cars....was thinking about modifying it for Mini-Z, but I could not figure out the missing pictures and some of the descriptions on how to.

But I got a EX-5UR to use only with the Mini-Z.
For me it was memory and money that desided the deal.
The feel and weight of the EX-5UR is much better than 1UR.
That is my personal opinion!

But I think that the plastic of the EX-5UR is somewhat "cheap". But not any worse than KT-18.

I'm not a good driver, but I'm getting better with the KT-18 over the last 6 months. I hope this is going to improve my driving a bit. I just have to get used to this new radio.
A good radio has a big impact on driving skills.
If it's "to hard" to steer, you make to much corrections. If it's "to loose" to steer, it makes your car nervous. If it's to heavy, you gotta rest a lot. If it don't fit you wont be comfortable with driving 5 hours.

But as with everything else, make a desition after you made up your mind on how much time you will spend on Mini-Z.

I find that memory was the key thing for me, since I got 4 different cars. 96mm, 90mm, lm and rm. They are all a bit different and need all different settings. So I spend some time to set up my cars each time I'm taking them for a spin.

But I got one question:

Is it possible to get a new antenna for EX-5UR?
It's fixed and I would like it to be able to lay down like on "any other" radio.
So it don't use as much space.

2012.01.06, 01:07 PM
I once thought the same and took the hard plastic part off.
If you do that its just a little piece of flexible wire sticking out ot the top. Like 5 cm or so.
But then I rearranged my pitbox and had more room so for safety of the wire I put the plastic part back on.
But you cut off a piece or make something else to protect the wire.

2012.01.06, 01:27 PM
this may be a dumb question but can you retrofit the kt-18 antenna on the 5ur?

i had the ex-10 module with folding antenna, which broke and i simply left the wire exposed. it was never a problem for performance but you may want to take car in not to damage the wire or have it ripped out. maybe ko propo has a module antenna replacement part that could be retrofitted?

2012.01.06, 08:03 PM
this may be a dumb question but can you retrofit the kt-18 antenna on the 5ur?


I know theres just a "wire" in there. But I like it to be extended. So that's why I want a folding one.
I will just have to check some more.

tested the ex-5ur some more today.
A lot better to use than the kt-18.
But I need to sand down some rough edges on the "trigger" for better comfort.
Steering is somewhat better, just my humble opinion.
I like it a lot so far. Of course you can't compare it to a more expensive model, but it seems to do the trick.

But good it looks ugly.... :eek:

2012.01.06, 10:03 PM
I use Futaba 4PK with all other RC cars....was thinking about modifying it for Mini-Z, but I could not figure out the missing pictures and some of the descriptions on how to.

The 4PK is a killer transmitter to use with the Mini-Z. The modification is totally worth performing.
I may be performing the mod in the near future to another 4PK, if so I will take a few detailed pictures to make the mod a breeze.

Even if you don't plan to use other RC cars you'll never find a better transmitter, I personally feel the KO transmitters don't even come close in comparison.

2012.01.07, 06:57 AM

If you do takes some pictures and make it understandable even for me, that would be awesome!

2012.01.24, 07:07 AM
Cut the plastick
Drilled a 8.5mm hole
Cut the plastick again

Saved me for over 21mm of wasted space.




2012.01.24, 08:20 AM
Hi NoBrainer,
thanks a lot for the pics - I'll proceed on resizing the fixed antenna right away !

2012.02.16, 05:11 AM
I have tested rechargeable batteries in KT-18 and it was not a good idea.

But in the EX5-UR, can you use rechargeable in that one without any big problems?

2012.02.16, 11:13 AM
I bought my EX-5UR about 1.5 year ago, and didn't change the good alkalines I loaded at that time. So I don't really see the purpose of rechargeable battery for this kind of eco-transmitter :rolleyes:

2012.02.16, 11:49 AM
i've run nimh in my tx for ages (5ur and ex-10) and never an issue. i tend to forget to turn off my tx so alkalines are a waste of money for me. i just pop out the stick, drop the cells in the maha and shortly after, they are done back in and good to go.

2012.02.16, 11:51 AM
good to hear, because I tend to do the same thing...