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2011.11.17, 03:58 AM
wondering if anybody can point out to me a site with the complete autoscale line up... i remember seeing one somewhere, i thought i bookmarked it, but i didn't... thanks in advance...

2011.11.17, 05:42 AM
Do any site like this: http://www.mini-z.ru/collection_mini-z/?


2011.11.17, 10:11 AM
Nice Source :-) I've been thinking about doing something like that for quite some time now. Maybe a public Wiki were the Mini-Z Community can Help build it and maintain it....

2011.11.17, 10:47 AM
Mini Z guide is pretty good but, not as complete as unicorns link.

2011.11.17, 11:21 AM
That does seem to be the most complete I've ever seen, but it is still missing many cars and color combos. Plus there's all those special issues, and anniversary releases too... would be one hell of a project for someone to keep an absolute complete catalog!

Crazy to think all the way back to the first and second body releases, and now it's just sooooo many cars. It would be a task just to capture each Skynet body alone. (For instance, I didn't see the gold 280 Z on there, the Ultraman car? and also, there's 2 color types to the Batmobile)

Kyosho has to have their own full catalog somewhere... they should give it to us! :p

2011.11.17, 12:38 PM
kyosho doesn't keep track, i asked:rolleyes: they have no official record of all autoscales released and kyo USA won't even know of the existence of i'd say 1/3 of them due to some being limited market release.

there are a couple very good threads on here dedicated to cataloging the limited edition autoscales.

kyosho also has their own lineup which is very limited, http://www.kyosho.com/eng/products/rc/body_lineup.html?series_index_id=50001&series_group_id=100003&s1=&s2=&s3=&s4=&s5=&s6=&s7=&s8=
there is a scrolling lineup but i can't find it while at work.

2011.11.17, 11:50 PM
Mini Z guide is pretty good but, not as complete as unicorns link.

yeah that's what i was looking for... complete with rim offsets as well... thanks :D

i remember seeing a list of bodies listing rim compatibility with mr015 / mr02 chassis... too...

2011.11.18, 08:31 AM
These two files came from this site. Thanks to the original posters.