View Full Version : 94mm Chassis Point Series in winter ?

2011.11.18, 10:49 PM
Hi all,

I have this crazy idea about starting a 94mm Chassis point series in the winter at MCC3. The preliminary rule is 94mm wheel base and body, Kyosho Chassis and any rubber tire. The rest is total open. The point allocation will be similar to our F1 point series but standard 5 min qualifying. Best 6 race out of 8 and will be held on Friday night. Feel free to add any suggestion.

Any one interest?
( Shawn, I took the liberty to start this thread without talking to you first, hope you don't mind)


pomme de terre
2011.11.19, 11:26 AM
I'm definitely interested in a 94mm series, since pretty much everyone at MC3 runs 98mm or longer and haven't been able to find a 94mm set up that's stable enough for the large track setups we have (myself included :o). All the best looking bodies are 94mm too, so it would be nice to run a unhacked autoscale.

I'm not sure about Friday nights though since Saturdays are more popular. Keep in mind that this would also replace the normal open mod main for the most of us since not everyone has multiple cars like you :p

2011.11.19, 12:23 PM
i'm in for a 94mm series, but i'd still want to run open touring too.

i'm guessing Casey said friday's so the F1 series could still run on saturday's.

Casey, is this what you were thinking:
Fridays- 94mm and open touring?
Saturdays- F1 and open touring?

regardless, i'd be in

pomme de terre
2011.11.19, 01:33 PM
We could always start after the F1 series is done, I think there's only 4 more races anyways. Let's talk about it tonight. You coming Stephen?

2011.11.19, 02:37 PM
ya i'll be there tonight. leaving my house in 10 mins

2011.11.20, 11:30 PM
may be we should do JGTC ? Since most do one of the JGTC body. I think I will be a good idea to do RC JGTC.
Friday or Saturday is fine. I was thinking we can do friday and saturday together so that this series will fine in 2 month instead almost a year like the F1 series

2011.12.28, 02:53 AM
Though new here I'm down for any Touring class point series. JGTC would be awesome, just watching a video of a race would be very entertaining, but are they all the same wheelbase?

It seems to me the current open touring class is a bit too open. To keep costs down for some competitive point series racing I personally think everyone should be limited to something like this:

-Kyosho Autoscale bodies
-Rubber Tires
-"Spec" Turn Motor (doesn't have to be a stock turn motor, or even same brand motor, just all run the same turn)
-NiMH Batteries Only or LiFe Batteries Only (LiFe Seems to give a ridiculous advantage and running both in the same class cannot be fair?)
-Kyosho Chassis
-Stock Kyosho PCB (No FET mods)
-Rest Open

Anyone with me on this? Sticking to simple spec rules should attract potential Mini-Z racers as the costs to stay competitive and have fun would be significantly lowered.

Excuse my ignorance, buy why do you guys want a spec wheelbase? I don't understand the reasoning behind this, can someone elaborate?

2011.12.28, 03:56 AM
Some of the reasons that we are running the open series are

- there are a lot of different spec run by different people. If we were to ask all the people to run in restrictive class, a few people needed to invest money to run under the same rule.

-as for the stock motor or same motor, from my previous experience running in 1/10 stock class, it will actually cost more money to run on any stock/same spec motor class. Stock being cheaper to run is a myth. The reason is when the motor is same spec, ppl will go extra length get an advantage over other ( trust me, just as in real life, everyone wants that "unfair advantage" over others. There is no real fairness). People will start matching batteries, getting extra expensive AAA, special tune the "spec" motor and so on. The last bit of performance will always cost way more to achieve. These ,in the end, will add cost. If we keep the formula "open", ppl have slow motor can choose to spend on better battery or even cheaper, get a hot motor and run with ****ty battery. Others will use ****ty motor and use LiFe battery. In short, if we keep the formula open, we encourage ppl to try different "methods"(that is the other fun part of racing, not just pure driving skill but also "engineering skill" to arrive at the same end - be the fastest.

-Fairness, we limited that everyone to run on rubber tire, then there is only one maximum speed that you can go around a corner, no matter you run super hot motor or super voltage battery. Speed means nothing if you can not handle it. The fast guy in our track always end up in A main no matter what spec we ask them to run. (experience from previous point series-102 wheel base and spec motor, PN race and total open series) We remembered there is one occasion when Joe Chan from Reflex racing came to visit and ran a 175g chassis with AAA and 80 turn motor still blow everyone away in our open class where ppl ran LiFe and unlimited motor.

-Speed vs handling, there are guys who choose speed who pass ppl on the straight with ease and got murdered in the in-field. There are guys who choose handling and they buy their time on the straight and attack in the in-field. Then there are passes on the straight and in the in-field and it is very exciting. On the other hand, in the same spec motor formula, with similar skill level, ppl just follow other and wait for mistake to be made. In keeping the formula open, we encourage ppl to try different setting. This week one might aim for speed and next week he might aim for handling.

-No fet mods, if I recalled correctly, there is no guy in our track that run mod fet, not that we outlaw it, it is just the current MR03 board can handle a 10 amp draw and can run most motor. At the end of the day, speed and handling always balance the two out.

The reason we want to try a 94 mm class is that we want ppl to try different set up. Right now, almost every one runs 98mm and keep a pretty good set up week in week out. Forcing a 94mm chassis will give them the "joy":cool: of adjusting setup and driving style. It is a fun experience. We all went thru it last winter with our 102 mm LM point series.
and also JGTC body loooooooooks really nice and they are mostly in 94mm

and lastly, my opinion do not reflect on behalf of Shawn, who is the owner of the track. I am just a guy who go to the track a lot and usually have some crazy idea and your idea of any kind is extremely welcome.

2011.12.28, 06:53 AM
I know where your coming from josyskunk, I used to race 1/10 as well and it was just stupid to stay competitive (new set of tires every race, wtf!). I guess in the end "run what you bring" does seem to be the cheapest way.

Either way, I am willing to support/participate in any Touring point series. I hope this gets off the ground. I have a JGTC supra ready if we end up going that route :).