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2011.11.22, 01:38 PM
So yah..... First post. Still a noob and all that, but I'm learning lots about the world of small scale RC. I'm trying hard to snag a mini z (coming from an xmods evo) so a mini z should be a great upgrade!

Here's my question, So I found a deal on some mini z cars. They come as a pair, but the person selling them doesn't know which model number/chassis they are. Is there any identifiable parts or a model number on the car they can look at? I'm guessing they don't have the original boxes still because that would be too easy! By the way these are not the formula 1 style mini z, but the regular street cars. They come with 4 bodies so I'm not sure which ones are the original.

2011.11.22, 03:21 PM
If its boxy like an xmod and its RWD its either an MR01 or MR015(which are ok but nothing special).

If has side battery tray that lays down and RWD its an MR02.

If it narrow waisted and a laydown battery tray its an MR03 (which sounds unlikely for a good deal)

Get a photo and post it here.

2011.11.22, 05:49 PM
Another way is looks at this link on Miniz racer:


Then look at the thread on:


Then open up the Sticky on each. It will have a general description on each of these chassis from Kyosho.

Note: Posting a picture is not a bad idea. Guys here could help.

Good Luck

2011.11.22, 05:57 PM
as suggested, there is a sticky thread for each chassis type with images and critical information specific to each chassis. not a bad place to start ;)