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2011.11.23, 01:57 PM

We plan to buy a Robitronic lap counter because it's very reliable and does not cost so much.

We race on RCP track 2 X 50 tiles large with maximum 8 cars.

The set comes with 4 receivers modules. Is it enought ?? The fact to have more than 4 is better or does not be necessary ??

For the software, we use to use ZRound (free and very good)

Thank you

2011.11.23, 02:24 PM
we've been using ours since january the bridge height is quite important ( 28 cm i think & we have the sensors 15 cm from each end & then every 30cm i can check next sunday it would help) the only trouble we have had is we needed to make small holes in the windscreens to get a relieable count & it crashes the pc if we use the wrong com port

2011.11.24, 03:12 AM
Instead of cutting the windshield you can also remove the transponder out of its plastic coat. Then function of the transponder and look of the car will be fine.
Concerning the bridge it is more about height than number of receivers. Just look at the manual and fine tune in a practice session. 4 should be enough.

2011.11.24, 04:04 AM
I'm also considering the Robitronic.
Since Lap-Z is not possible to get here in Norway.

Do you have anything around the recivers or are they just put on a "stick"?
Does it work with 8 - 12 cars?

2011.11.24, 05:53 AM

We have had the robitronic for a couple of years now. I actually worked with Jesus from zround to get it working.
@ Civix. Yes 4 modules in enough. Like saddad siad, the height is important but there are instruction inside the box when you buy it. Just make sure you place them kind of equal distance from each other.

Racer is also correct. Remove the transponders from the plastic case. Better reception and much more room to put it on the car. I never ever had any problems with reception. You can even check the strength of it in zround or the original software (wich sux btw).

@ Nobrainer. We have had as much as 18 cars on track. So no problem for 12.
Take a look at this tutorial I made a while ago for a bridge. Sorry its in dutch but the pictures speak for themselfs. Only thing not showing is that I drilled holes in the tube where the receivers are.

You will not be disappointed with this system. By far alot better choice then lap-z. Much much cheaper and the transponders are also 50% of the price.

2011.11.24, 06:01 AM
Thanks LED!

Much appriciated!

2011.11.25, 02:31 PM
Hi all,

thank for your answers.

As soon we buy it we will try the best height to have an maximum function.
As Led said, we also use the Zround software and it's very usefull for anykind of race in Z.



2014.10.01, 08:57 AM
Is robitronic still a good choice?

Our supply of Lap-z transponders is down to zero and new members are joining in...

2014.10.01, 09:24 AM
Go with the I-Lap system. Economical, unlimited transponder numbers, unmatched customer support and works with just about any software that is out there.

2014.10.02, 12:22 AM
Is robitronic still a good choice?

Our supply of Lap-z transponders is down to zero and new members are joining in...

Imo the robitronic system is the way to go for sure... Pretty much unlimited transponders and once out of the case is 1/3 the size of the I lap... And smaller than the giroz
And works on most timing software... Including zround
And every even that is attended with the robitronic has been error free aside from operator error

2014.10.02, 12:36 AM
Thank you!