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2011.11.23, 09:59 PM
Ok so so far you guys have helped me out heaps with questions on fitting new bodies to my ma-010. But I still have one more question.

Now if I buy a Ferrari body for my Z, I'm assuming that the wheels won't fit and so I will need to buy new wheels & tires to fit each body. My question is - how do I know what size tire is made for what size wheel? I see tires that are 8.5mm - 11mm. But the wheels are sized with n/w 0, .5, 1.0, 1.5 so on & so on.

N = narrow. W = wide & 1.5 is the offset? So how do I match up tires with wheels?

2011.11.24, 01:41 AM
N - Narrow wheel is 8.5mm wide.
W - Wide wheel is 11mm wide.
There is SW - Semi-wide wheel, which is 10mm wide (I think). But I haven't saw this type of wheels for the MA-010.

The numbers you point are wheel offsets.
Wheels and tires are matched by it's width only.

Please take a look HERE (http://www.mini-z-guide.com/index.htm). You will find useful information.

2012.02.20, 02:58 PM
How important is the specified offset of the body?

I have a R32 Skyline body on the MA-010 and it says that I should have wide rims in the back and normal in the front. I have normal all around now and it would look better with wide all around.