View Full Version : Identifying VR or Steering motor problem?

2011.11.24, 05:30 PM
Can anyone share their knowledge on how can I identify whether the VR is in need of replacement? Similarly, how do I identify if the steering motor needs replacement for MR02 boards?

2011.11.25, 01:12 AM
If it doesnt work anymore :p

No seriously, maybe its better you discribe what you are experiencing so we can better understand what is going on.

I never had any problems with my steering servo.

2011.11.26, 03:25 PM
I have no specific issues right now....but there are several things that I just want to know, like:

1) a glitchy steering
2) a steering that will turn only to one side and won't go to the other end
3) a suddenly dead steering
4) a steering that wouldn't center

2011.11.27, 06:07 AM
I would rather say you need to replace the pod, or clean it, instead of the motor.
Also take a look at the gears. Maybe something is wedged in between them, or worse broken;

2011.11.27, 02:35 PM
you can test the motor and pot by removing the pot and turning it by hand . but if it is working even somtimes its more likly what LED said ...the gears

2011.11.27, 11:21 PM
Assuming gears are clean...am I right to assume these steps -

1) pot issue - remove/disconnect from board. Connect the center lead and one of the side leads to an ohm meter....turn the pot slowly to one side...ohm meter reading should also change "slowly". Then turn the pot to the other side slowly...it should similarly change slowly too. Do the same to the other outer lead.

Any sudden drop or increase of resistance indicates a possible problem of the pot.

I have not tried this actual procedure...but I would love to hear the opions of the pro. :)

2) steering motor - i dare not open it to see if the brushes are still okay. Should I do that (open the motor and check the brush)?!?

For now, I simply connect it to a 1.5v battery to see it works and then reverse polarity

2011.11.27, 11:24 PM
If I may add, I also water dip (water with some dish washing detergent) the steering motor to clean it up. This was the method I use to tune silver can 540 motors of tamiya to seat the brush properly.

After cleaning it in the water bath, I blow dry it with a compressor and re-oil the shaft "bearings".

I just hope this practise is not going to ruin them.

2011.11.28, 04:39 PM
i wouldn't water dip with anything except pure demineralised water

your method for pot checking is fine though :)

2011.11.28, 07:56 PM
@ reaper, thanks

2012.02.16, 07:07 PM
I have found out that if i simply check the resistance of the pot, i would be able to assume if the pot is dead or still working fine.

Dead pot will have an eratic reading when you turn it from left to right. A good one will show a nearly proportional increase or decrease of resistance when it is turned.